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Fox Den Strategies is Proud to Offer Two Services:  Strategic Roadmaps & Retainers.


Strategic Roadmaps:


Specialized Careers of Your Choice within the field of Information Security which aligns with your passion

Strategic Retainers:


The Fox Den Strategies Strategic Retainer (SR) allows you to establish terms and conditions for Strategic & Advisory services before important events like job interviews or career fairs or job transition has commenced. With an SR in place, you have a trusted partner on standby. This proactive approach can significantly reduce the response time, thereby reducing the impact of anxiety and uncertainty.

The SR gives you the flexibility to structure the retainer your organization needs.

No cost retainer:  establishes terms and conditions between you and Fox Den Strategies for strategic services. The contract defines hourly rates for related services and service fees. There is no financial commitment or annual cost. Charges are only incurred on a time and materials basis upon declaration of a need or upcoming event.

Prepaid hours:  Purchase a pre-paid block of strategic hours at a discounted hourly rate, with the flexibility to repurpose unused hours. The pre-paid hours can be used on a variety of technical and strategic consulting services. In addition to pre-established terms and conditions, add an SLA and gain peace of mind from guaranteed response times. The standard Fox Den Strategies SLA is a maximum of four hours, with an enhanced two-hour SLA to further reduce impact.

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