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Please find answers to our frequently asked questions below.  We also welcome your contact regarding business topics. 

Q:  What Makes Your Service Different from others?

A:  We honor our word.  We do not teach you theoretical concepts that have a difficult time translating to the real world.  Rather, we take practical foundations and build on them so that you are never led astray in your quest for knowledge in specific areas.  Integrity and attribution matter.

Q:  Why do you have mixed feelings on degrees and certifications?

A:  Similar to the prior answer, we feel there is a severe disconnect between academia and the real world.  Certifications are also snapshots in time that prove you are capable of doing a task or taking a test.  Certifications on their own do not stand the tests of time and interview experiences.  Only a simple checkbox.  We strive to provide you with projects and goals in tandem with certifications to provide you with organic experience to allow you to become competitive candidates for companies that you yourself want to work for.

Q:  How do you help clients get past roadblocks?

We empower clients with the skills, experience and roadmap to maneuver around roadblocks of any type. 


Q:  Do You have any Guarantees?

A:  We guarantee you will get direction, experience and internships that will serve as a jump point into your professional capacity or for the role that you want to define your professional career

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