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"I am impressed with the value and level of detail that came with my strategic roadmap. As someone new to the cybersecurity field, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options and career paths. Without a clear path forward it is hard to know what to do next. My roadmap instantly gave me a level of confidence I didn’t have before. I love the way it is designed to track my progress. It not only covers obvious areas like certifications and additional courses, but it tackles the dreaded burnout issue that plagues security professionals. I also like that there are built-in tasks like attending specific conferences and participating in targeted activities to help build needed skills and experience.  I recommend this service for anyone serious about their future in cybersecurity. This is an investment in yourself that will save you time and money wasted on unnecessary courses and certifications.  My FDS advisor was a professional with an awesome personality and his passion for helping others is obvious. He delivered everything he promised and more.  I give this service 5 stars."


Update from client:  “...mentioning the strategic roadmap and your mentorship helped me get the job.”

~ Deltoria G.

"My FDS Advisor  provided a very high-quality strategic roadmap that is incredibly well organized, easy to follow, and inspiring. He  easily saved me several years of frustration and confusion of navigating in the cyber security field. If anyone wants to alleviate the stress and frustration that may occur during the job search and identifying where you want to specialize in the field,consult with Fox Den Strategies. Their advisors will work with you to identify the road to your goals depending on the specialization of your choice and provide you with the resources you need to feel self-empowered. This provides what easily would have taken many several years to put together and accomplish. The firm deeply cares about his clients’ success; I highly recommend this service”

~ Luke W.

"The market is wide open for cybersecurity programs to learn and to make a career. However, they are targeted to get a large number of candidates prepared.  None of them have dedicated tailoring to your interests or skills.  None of them put in the clear and manageable collection of training, milestones, and career aspirations in a learning program.  My Fox Den Strategies advisor has done a massive job at collecting and pinpointing the skills I need to pursue my cybersecurity career.  He has also added career mentorship as a core aspect of the service.  This is not overbearing and feels more like a  friendship not mentor overlord.  He understands the industry and games played by hiring companies.  I wish had his program earlier rather than three years ago, getting a focus in cybersecurity at a university. If you want to grow, get this professional help."


~ Mark D.

My Fox Den Strategies advisor was extremely helpful in explaining the process of putting together a custom roadmap for me to be successful in digital forensics. Communication was always open and useful. The product delivered was above and beyond my expectations and really made the path forward crystal clear as well as the non-technical things I could do to set myself up for success. I look forward to working with him in the future as I implement this roadmap and start my next step in the cyber security community 

                                                                                                                                ~ Mike K..

Image by Museums Victoria



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